James Charles Publicly Apologizes for Racist Twitter Past

You may hate James Charles for one reason or another, but you have to give credit where it’s due. In his most recent Twitter rant, he posted a video publicly apologizing for his old tweets saying they were ignorant and offensive.


James Charles is an make-up artist on YouTube and other social media platforms. Charles is widely known for being the very first male spokesmodel for make-up brand Covergirl. In which, he worked alongside Katy Perry, the brand ambassador.

For a while now, James has been severely attacked online for posting very “degrading” and “disgusting” tweets several years back. In the video mentioned before, he recognizes that the only times he has apologized, it has been to his followers and supporters and not to the general public.

Even after he posted that video, some fans were not happy in the comments but most of the replies are loving and understanding. Charles also stated in a different tweet that’s his issue has been addressed many times but never on Twitter which is where the whole situation came to be.

What do you think? Will this be the last time he has to apologize for the same thing? Let us know what you think by telling us on our Twitter or Instagram pages!

Let the writer, Chris San Miguel, know if you enjoyed this article on Twitter!


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