Fifth Harmony: The Album Review

Tonight is the release of Fifth Harmony’s most anticipated self-titled album. And I think it’s safe to say that this is their best work yet, the album is so diverse but so connected at the same time. In this album, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and Normani Kordei all show off their writing skills as they promote to have had more involvement in the creative process of making the album.

From tracks like Angel to Don’t Say You Love Me, we can hear various harmonies, emotions, and ad-libs throughout the whole album.
Today, we will be reviewing the album song by song and opinionate on the sound, lyrics, harmonies, and melodies.

Down (feat. Gucci Mane) – Now this song, is a good song for the summer, but vocally yhere’s not a lot that the ladies of Fifth Harmony are showing off. The bass during Gucci Mane‘s verse is really good, it’s a great song to bump in the car with your ride or die.

He Like That – This song begins with a static-ish sound but leads with Dinah sounding extra fierce with her verse. Ally’s verse stands out in this song because of the lyrics “I know he bad for my health, but I still wanna try it”. The melody is great from start to finish and the adlibs by the end are beautifully sung.

Sauced Up – From the beginning, this track stands out with the acapella statement of “We can get sauced up”. Their lyrics are beautifully constructed and spreaded throughout the song, love the “so what”s throughout the song showing that they don’t care about what people think and they’re gonna do what they feel comfortable doing.

Make You Mad – The beat from the beginning has a beautiful mixture of pop and urban sounds as Normani opens the song with an equally beautiful melody. The lyric that stood out to me in this song is “I’m gonna make you miss me”. Like yes! Girl , you go ahead and do that!

Deliver – Trap meets Fifth Harmony. My mouth dropped the second Lauren started the song off. Dinah then continued to slay this song. “Yeah my baby know that I deliver” This song also has a Mariah Carey feel to it on the bridge where Normani sings.

Lonely Night – The girls show off their mature sound as they sing “Get ya shit together” in the introduction verse. By far, one of the best songs on the album.

Don’t Say You Love Me – Just by the title, I knew this song was going to be a slower ballad-type song. Lauren starts the somg off with some emotional vocals as the song slowly escalates and gains a slower beat. Fifth Harmony definitely show off their vulnerable side saying “Don’t say you miss me when you don’t call”. Mid-song, you can definitely hear the emotion behind these lyrics.

Angel – Since this song has been released, the visuals and melodies have been stuck in my head. In this song, the girls admit that they have been lost by saying “The original me wouldn’t fuck with you, and I was beginning to fuck with you”. Ally also shows off her rapping skills by rapping and killing it during her verse.

Messy – The vocals in this song sound beautiful but I think these lyrics deserved a better melody/beat because the song sounds kind of boring. Either a collab was missing on this one, or they used it as a filler. The harmonies in this song sound beautiful though, don’t get me wrong.

Bridges – This song has had much hype surrounding it since it has been known that in this song, the girls speak up about what’s going on in the world by throwing a lyric to President Trump saying “We build bridges, not walls”. And not going to lie, this songs was a fantastic choice to end the album with. They also empower women as they sing “I believe every woman is a fighter”.

Like mentioned, the album is available now on all platforms, get it now and let us know what you think! Click here to get the album!

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