It is no secret that Aussi female rapper Iggy Azalea has been in the works of a new album in the past few months. In fact, the making of her new work started back in early 2015 until she later confessed that she had “scrapped an entire 6 months of work and started totally new”, she wrote on twitter.



The new beginning of her second studio album was later given a name and the project was titled “Digital Distortion”. This new title gave life to the concept of her new record, which was built during 2015, back when the artist received massive amounts of backlash from all kinds of social media and internet trolls, and decided that it was time to defend herself through one of the things she loves the most in life: Hip Hop.

“Digital Distortion” soon started to give birth to a totally different sound than the world had ever heard from Iggy Azalea, and the artist shared several snippets for her fans to listen to on twitter, which created the hype for the rapper´s fan base and started getting a lot of positive opinions. Some of these new tracks include the infamous “Middle Man”, a song in which she refers to her middle finger as the Middle Man because that is the most accurate response she has for her haters. Or the futuristic “7teen”, which set the expectations above higher about the new direction the female rapper was aiming for. And the party banger “Boom Boom”, which featured the voice of a mysterious female singer.

But everything changed back in June 2016, when Azalea was getting ready for her anticipated release date and was asked to join the team of judges in The X Factor: Australia. The rapper didn´t think twice about hopping on the new experience of a singing contest, and even assured her participation on the TV show would not get in the way of her so acclaimed release date.  And this is when everything started to go wrong.


Not too much time after this, Iggy revealed on twitter, after many speculations of “Digital Distortion” being released on June 24, 2016, thanks to a website dedicated to the music world that posted the release date, that the album had been delayed and it would be released later that year, also stating that single #2, which was meant to be the follow up to “Team”, released on March 24, was set to be released in July after the artist came back home from “taping” The X Factor.


But we haven´t even talked about the worst part yet, and it is not included in this paragraph either. That same month, the rapper revealed on twitter that she and NBA basketball player were splitting up, breaking their engagement due to some infidelity issues (and no, they did not come from Azalea´s part, if you were wondering).

After the sudden turn of events, it didn´t take long for Iggy´s fans to realize the release plans had been changed and delayed once again when the calendar marked July 31 and there were no news about “Digital Distortion” or its second single. After this, Azalea left all kinds of social media and pretty much disappeared from the public eye except for a few shows she did towards the end of the year.

It was later in October that Iggy addressed the existence of her second studio album “Digital Distortion” during an interview that was uploaded on the internet and stated that the project that had her fans biting their nails was coming in January 2017.

Oops! The artist´s fans were tricked once again when they found themselves in the end of January and the illusion of the expected new music was nothing but that; an illusion. It felt as if the opportunity of getting their hands on the proclaimed “Middle Man”, “7teen” and “Boom Boom” was nowhere to be seen, and a release date was not around the corner.

It wasn’t until March 2nd that Azalea finally announced her comeback and gave fans a track to hold on to while she released throughout that month. Iggy uploaded “Can´t Lose” feat. hip hop artist Lil Uzi Vert on her label´s Direct Deposit playlist on Spotify. The new song set the message clear that the artist was making her millions and couldn’t care about what people thought about her.


A few weeks later she announced her comeback and second single from “Digital Distortion”, which is titled Mo Bounce and is set to be released on March 24. The new series of announcements and unexpected surprises started to build back the hype that had been lost once again, and soon the Digital Distortion world started to come back to life.


Fans could not wait to listen to the finished version of the songs they were promised back in 2016, and this is where the worst part kicks in. During an interview uploaded on Beats1 on March 22, the female rapper revealed that she had scrapped her ENTIRE work (yes, once again), which consisted of 12 tracks (including “Middle Man”, “7teen”, and “Boom Boom”) and took a different route by making a “fun record” to reflect where her head was at in 2017.

This represented quite a disappointment among her fan base that had been holding on to mysterious leaks from new Azalea songs that randomly surfaced in the internet during the last few months, in hopes that the chance to blast the now scrapped tracks would happen sooner rather than later.

But apart from destroying everything her fans had been waiting for, the female rapper seems to have lost the meaning and reason of the existence of “Digital Distortion”. The title was supposed to represent the “distorted” image of her persona that the “digital” world was portraying, and how she was a totally different person than the evil celebrity that social media wanted her so bad to be. And perhaps that doesn´t sound like a “fun record” to twerk to, but like an aggressive, game-changing project that may never see the light as the gem that it once was.

What would you say to the cashier if they pour Sprite on your Coke bottle and try to sell it to you as the original product? Give me my coins back!

And even though the only coins spent on this new material went to her lead single “Team”, which is the only track from the original tracklist that is set to make the final cut, it looks like the original concept has been distorted itself and turned into a new totally different idea that just kept the same name.

The links to the snippets of the old songs will be posted below so you can give them a listen, and make sure to check her newest single on March 24 so you can formulate your own opinion. Did Iggy get distorted during the process? Or did she go through a lot of personal changes in the middle of the creation of this new album that changed her mindset? Let us know.


On the link below, you can find a thread of every snippet ever shared by Iggy on twitter with songs from the original version of her second studio album provided by @iggsnews.


If you’d like to keep up with Iggy Azalea:





Article Written and Edited by

Eduardo Mata

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