Normani Kordei and Valentin Chmerkovskiy take on the DWTS stage!

Normani Kordei and Val Chmerkovskiy seem to have this competition under control! Dancing with the Stars is an American dance competition show that debuted in back in 2005. In this show, a group of celebrities are paired with professional dancers from the show to compete against each other to gain the judge’s points and the audience’s votes. While the judges’ points and the audience’s votes both take part in determining each pair’s fate on the show, the general public, that means you at home, has the biggest say!
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Fifth Harmony‘s very own, Normani Kordei Hamilton has joined the 24th season of Dancing with the Stars and proved that tonight was just the beginning!
Normani and Val will both be traveling each week from Asia to Los Angeles as Fifth Harmony will be actively touring Asia at the same time as the show. But, what is stopping Kordei from sweeping the show with millions votes from her Harmonizers to push her through? The answer is nothing!
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Fifth Harmony has one of the biggest and fastest-growing fandoms in the world. With winning fan-voted awards left and right, the Harmonizers are to be taken seriously. Kordei, one of the four members of the group, has a 2.7 million following on Instagram, and well over 5 million followers combined with other social media platforms.
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Over the years of the group’s career, they have picked up millions of Harmonizers who will now help carry current DWTS member Normani Kordei and Valentin Chmerkovskiy to the finale!
In case you missed their debut performance on Dancing with the Stars, watch it here:
   ­­­­­  ­­­­­  ­­­­­  ­­­­­  ­­­­­  ­­­­­
What do you think? Does #TeamValmani have what it takes to win it all?
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Article Written by 
Christopher San Miguel & Grant Crocker
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