5 Reasons Why You Should Follow Abdul Dremali

Abdul Dremali, also known as, Advil is a public figure who has been widely known on Twitter for several of his hilarious viral tweets. And yes, his Twitter name is actually Advil, like the medicine, but he’s a total prankster on social media. Abdul has always shared how he got his nickname of Advil handed to him in middle school by a group of friends, but he once mentioned that if @Advil had been taken on he would have easily chosen Tycho, his favorite astronomer.  Before we get started on why you should follow him, here’s a quick fun fact: Abdul would always prefer to use Advil pain-relief over Tylenol because a Tylenol tablet once killed his puppy a few years ago in 2010, according to one of his old interviews: http://web.blogads.com/blog/2011/10/03/interview-with-advil-the-prankster-not-the-painkiller/
1. He took his younger sister to a One Direction concert as a cover-up that she wanted him to go with her (PS, he was the one interested in the concert).
2. He often posts informational threads of a variety of topics, including this one for #InternationalWomensDay and some others may include space, nature, and cultures!
3. He often fights with twitter users, including Trump supporters (well.. he compliments them to anger them), just for the fun of it and it has us all laughing!
4. He is educated, egyptian and pretty hot! And he makes sure you know it!
5. He is a photographer and his captures are BEAUTIFUL. Here are some picture he took himself. Talented.
Again, his name is Abdul Dremali and/or Advil on social media! Check out his website for more information on him: http://abduld.com/

or check him out on any other social media platform:

Article Written by 
Christopher San Miguel
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